What Makes Sheffield Universities Photo Frames So Special?

There are several reasons.

First you only have to see them to notice the high quality.
They are made from 6mm thick glass and the University Logo and any personalised message is engraved in the most meticulous way in any language.

After which the engraved logo and the message is filled in with a silver paste that gives the photo frame and especially the photograph inside the frame a glow that exudes professionalism and high quality which enhances the photograph inside the glass frame.

The personalised text engraved in the frames makes a special connection to that person-student shown in the photograph.

Also with Sheffield University photo frames you can upload your photograph onto the photo frame shown on the computer and type your desired text so you can see at a glance how it will look.

Although the computer image will show you exactly how the completed engraved frame will look, nothing can prepare you for when you actually hold the finished article in your hand. The sheer beauty of it will cause you to be filled with emotion. This is doubly so, because the picture you are looking at is so personal to you.

Sheffield University Photo Frames

Dont Take Our Word For It, See How Easy It Is To Personalise Memento Frames

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You Can Personalise
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